Not Just In Novels

Not Just In Novels is a floral design and photography company founded in the Summer of 2015 by Florist and Photographer Krista Menezes. Not Just In Novels is based in Huntington Beach and services it's surrounding areas. Krista is willing to travel for your event!


When Krista was a child her dad once shared with her his album of photographs and his collection of old cameras. Ever since then she has been interested in creating beautiful things and her artistic endeavors knows no bounds. In college she studied fashion design and utilized her keen fashion sense to design and sew dresses, jackets, and skirts inspired by the latest fashion trends. She met the love of her life and documented their many adventures together on an old Nikon camera her dad once gave her. After college she got a job working for one of the leading brands in Southern California's action sports industry.

Krista's creative mind first got interested in floral design after she organized and decorated her daughters first birthday party using a combination of floral arrangements and flowers she made out of paper.  She then went back to school and studied the intricacies of floral design. Since then she has arranged flowers for various events such as weddings, parties and showers. Krista has always kept up on her photography ever since that day her dad handed down his old Nikon camera. She has shot photographs for family portraits and special events.

So if you are in need of a true renaissance women with an amazing eye for aesthetics who is up on the latest trends visit the contact page and call or send an email and she will be happy to help you.